Eco Savvy’s Growing on Arran podcast

Eco Savvy have recorded their first podcast answering the questions residents had about growing on Arran!

Jess at Eco Savvy writes, “Since the lockdown began we have been running a series on growing your own food on Arran and sharing content about how to get started in the garden.

We also asked whether people in the Arran community had specific questions about their own gardens. We received quite a lot of questions and decided to turn to the gardening community to find the answers to some of them. What resulted is the podcast that I am delighted to share with you!”

Jess had the pleasure of speaking to Malcolm Wheeler, a long time gardener in Corrie who shared insights about growing his favourite fruit, about whether you can compost grass and where we can buy fruit trees given the current situation.

She then spoke with Ronna Park who runs the blog Sage and Sanctuary, where she shares her gardening experiences in Lamlash, about what plants grow well on a sunny windowsill, her favourite veg to grow and she gave some great tips for new gardeners.

Finally we spoke to Simon Ross-Gill, one of the directors of Woodside Arran, the creator of the Arran Green Map and facilitator of the Arran Heritage Arts Trail who currently gardens at the Cladach Community Garden. He shared information on using seaweed as a mulch, preventing slugs, growing in poly tunnels and also gave some tips for novice gardeners.

Click here to listen to our conversation!

Plant swapping on the island

There is also a lovely facebook group on the island that all keen and aspiring gardeners should be aware of and that’s the swap and share gardening group Arran page! You can find lots of lovely people offering to share their seeds, seedlings and plants and folk are very helpful if you’re looking for something specific. Check it out:

Swap And Share Gardening Facebook Group Arran