News from Eco Savvy

Here is a round up of the latest news from Arran Eco Savvy:

Savvy Film Club

This week: Eco Savvy are trialling a new Savvy Film Club format as they realised there might be a small scheduling clash with the Great British Bake Off. Therefore, this week’s film, Public Trust, is available to watch online throughout the week (and ongoing).

The film looks at land rights in America which is a huge topic which will affect the whole world in terms of destruction of wild landscapes and serious global implications in the continuous pursuit and use of fossil fuels when we should be moving towards renewables. The film also highlights the following issues:

• the distinction between public land and native land and the associated human rights abuses against indigenous people and the injustices disproportionately experienced by them.
• the importance of public land and every person’s right to access wild spaces. This is something that we enjoy in Scotland but can be put in jeopardy, as can be demonstrated by the restrictions put on land access (for a number of reasons) in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, further compounded by Covid at the moment.
• the terrifying power of the oil and gas companies within what could be viewed as a corrupt political system.
• the astounding beauty of the wild places in America.

Eco Savvy are inviting comments/discussion on their webpage underneath the film.

Tues 7th Oct: apologies, this is still TBC!
Tues 13th Oct: film tbc but will look at the link between racism and climate change and the film screening will be in collaboration between Eco Savvy and Edinburgh College Students’ Association.

Energy advice still available


Water saving freebies!

This month is the last chance for Arran residents to get their free water saving devices (while stocks last).

“If everyone on Arran made small changes to reduce their water use by just 5%, then together we could save around 13 million litres of water per year. Enough to supply a few Arran villages with water for an entire year!” Read more Arran water stats here.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Items can be ordered online here, or call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 and order over the phone.

Join (or re-join!) Arran Eco Savvy

Arran Eco Savvy are asking people to sign up to be members. Many people are already or follow on social media but the best way to keep up to date on what is happening with Eco Savvy’s environmental work is to receive their emails – you can do this by clicking here! You can also have a say in what you think Eco Savvy should be doing and (best of all!) you will be the first to hear about events and freebies so you can sign up before the rush.

Join the Eco Savvy mailing list by clicking here.

Join the Sustainable Island Life challenge

Eco Savvy we have spent the past 18 months working with the Arran community to develop ways to lower the carbon footprint of our households.

Hundreds of islanders have joined the challenge and have so far collectively saved 480 tonnes of CO2e – the same as 7,937 seedlings planted and growing for 10 years, or driving 23,821 times around Arran. Their aim is to help more people on Arran make savvy lifestyle changes using eBikes, energy advice, food shares, film clubs and more – all whilst saving significant amounts of carbon!

Households in Scotland make up 77% of the country’s carbon footprint. This comes primarily from our domestic energy consumption, the way that we travel and the food that we eat. We have focused on low impact (and low effort!) solutions to reducing energy consumption and cutting our electricity bills, lowering our car miles via our e-bike scheme and lift share (which we hope to resume when safe!) and by growing food, reducing food waste and making low carbon diet choices! Most recently Eco Savvy have teamed up with Scottish Water to look at how to reduce water consumption in our homes.

Eco Savvy are urging people to join the challenge by completing this survey (6 minutes) and taking the suggested simple actions they will send to you afterwards.

Once you’ve completed the survey you will receive a Sustainable Island Life toolkit to help you implement changes. The kit includes; seedling packs, a water saving kit, an electricity meter key, a printed SIL guide, an online food pack, energy saving advice and entry into a raffle for an e-bike trial! Click here to take the survey !