Happy New Year from arransound.com

Everyone at arransound.com hope that all you lovely ‘Voice’ listeners have had a peaceful and joyous Christmas and are now enjoying a Happy New year in 2021. Let us all look forward to a very healthy and safe year ahead when we all defeat this nasty Covid-19 virus and can sing together, hug each other and share wonderful meals with loved friends and family.

All the team at arransound.com, Arran’s Community Radio, are excited and delighted as today we celebrate ten days of live broadcasting! We had originally hoped to broadcast for around four hours a day as sourcing and then persuading the owner of any audio content to bring you, takes a great deal of time , as does the preparation necessary to make that content, broadcast ready. However we have actually managed to bring listeners of arransound.com over eight hours a day of items of local interest, which we hope you are enjoying. We have been surprised and very pleased with the numbers who are clicking in to listen to our local radio and have been assured by fellow community radio colleagues from further afield, that our visitor numbers bode very well for a future successful Arran radio.

All our lovely listeners have been so supportive and have started to let us know what you like which is very helpful. In the coming months we hope to have a listeners forum of some description where everyone can contribute their opinion, both good and not so good, which will be very useful in helping us to provide what you, the folk of Arran, want from your community radio station. However you can send us a message on our arransound.com Facebook page, Peter our Facebook guru will be happy to hear from you.

From today we are able to bring you commercial music of all kinds and should you wish to hear any genre in particular or a specific song, please get in touch. We plan to have space on the playlist for requests, and should you want it played for a particular person, birthdays, weddings, births, engagements etc… we would love you to contact us.

We can read out your message or even better you can record your own short message using your mobile phone, and we will play it before your selection of music, for that special person’s happy event. A simple instruction on how to record and send us your request is available on our website at arransound.com or simply email in at arransound2@gmail.com

When Covid rules and safety issue allows, we will be aiming to have live discussions, interviews and phone in’s and when that is able to happen we will really need all you budding DJ’s , presenters, reporters and radio show makers out there to be ready to make ‘live’ programmes. In the meantime we would like to hear from you if you have any ideas for programmes and particularly if you would like to make a piece of audio for us to broadcast.

Thank you all for listening to arransound.com, we are waiting to listen to You!