Qigong on Lamlash Green

Free Qigong classes on Lamlash Green on Saturday mornings with Essence of Soul Yoga

What is Qigong?

A qigong practice
Qi Gong literally translates as ‘energy cultivation’ and is a harmonious, cleansing practice for vitality and balance: invigorating joints and muscles through slow, considered movement. It first appeared in 500BC and forms the basis for Tai Chi and many eastern martial practices. It will improve your joint mobility and balance and is an uplifting practice for your spirits.

What do I wear?
Anything you are comfortable in and non slip shoes. The keyword is “layers” as we are practising outside and we need to be prepared for a Scottish summer!

Your instructors
Kate Armstrong – After 35 years in the fitness industry, Kate came to Qi Gong via her yoga training in Dao Yoga steeped in Chinese 5-element theory. She used Qi Gong to rehabilitate a shoulder injury and wants to share the benefits of this ancient practice with everyone. It will be taught as a free-form 55 minute class so you can just focus on the movement as you restore and revitalise your body.
Sue Thurogood – Sue has been practicing Qigong for over 10 years and recently trained as a teacher.

Is it suitable for me?
Qigong can be suitable for everyone and this will be a beginners level. However you do need to be able to stand for 55 minutes (but you could bring a chair if you want) and if you have any old injuries its worth a discussion with the instructor beforehand. By booking a place you are saying that you have no Covid symptoms and that you undertake this activity at your own risk.

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