And finally…

Why is Brodick not a town?

Published in SR Forum ‘Cafe’ last month in The Scottish Review 

I have written a trilogy of books set on Arran. Well, in fact, all three books are set in that magical village of Blackwaterfoot. The first of the trilogy, Murders at Blackwaterfoot, was published last week. The others in the series are, Seaweed in My Hair and Dementia Adventure. They will follow production at the end of next month.

But I have made a howler. Brodick is the capital of the island and a town, as most of you suspect. No, it’s not and neither is Lamlash. The surprising fact is that there are no towns at all on Arran and that has been spotted by an Arran exile, keen to spot an author’s mistake. Lochranza and Blackwaterfoot I mention are villages but the largest two communities flummoxed me and I guess some of your readers too.

So why is Brodick not a town? ‘Breda-vick’ is the Norse derivation of the Brodick name. A wide bay in translation. So, it is not a recent upstart of a new community but an old Viking settlement with every amenity one requires as a holidaymaker or resident.

I propose that Brodick becomes a town! Are there any other wee towns or large villages in Scotland wishing a re-branding option? Contact your MP or instigate a discussion in the appropriate community.

Miller Caldwell