North Ayrshire Council launches new Environmental Strategy

Last month NAC launched their latest Environmental Strategy (2021-2023) at an online event hosted by Council Leader Joe Cullinane, and featuring a panel of recognised experts, including Jude King, Project Manager at Arran Eco Savvy.

North Ayrshire Council declared a climate emergency in June 2019 and has committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. This is the third iteration of their Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy which has been shaped by
emerging intelligence and new technological opportunities as well as feedback from local communities, who recognise the need for positive action on climate change. They say that the Strategy will provide a vital roadmap of actions to achieve net-zero carbon status
across North Ayrshire within the next decade.

For more information about North Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Strategy and to read the document visit here

In brief, the report looks at:


We aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Net-zero emissions requires a balance between emissions released and emissions absorbed from the environment. Therefore, the Council must lead the way in:

• Reducing emissions from buildings (domestic and non-domestic), transport and waste, and

• Implementing methods to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere

This is an ambitious goal based on emission data available and is within the 10-year timeframe set by the IPCC to prevent irreversible damage caused by climate change.


In order to achieve the net-zero target, significant reductions in area-wide and Council estate emissions are required.

The report identifies 7 Workstreams as the means to achieve net zero by 2030. (See the full report for more details on what each Workstream involves).

1 – Affordable warmth
2 – A green economy
3 – Transport and Travel
4 – Natural Environment
5 – Sustainable Operations
6 – Carbon Absorption
7 – Climate Change Adaptation

North Ayrshire Council’s challenging net-zero target will be met by first understanding the costs and impacts of our activities, and then acting on reducing carbon emissions from across all sectors, utilising renewable energy, removing carbon dioxide (CO2) as previously noted from the atmosphere, and maintaining low carbon behaviours amongst staff, residents, visitors and businesses in North Ayrshire. The Council understands that emissions from services, buildings, transport and homes, all add to the global climate impact.