Arran Community Council 4-year elections

A note on the forthcoming Community Council elections by local resident Jim Henderson

Like most other councils the 4-year election is taking place in the Autumn of 2021. Delayed one year due to the pandemic restrictions.

What does the Council do – that is a very good question?

Being an Arran lad born and bred, I knew of the Councils existence. But on joining the Council some 12 years ago as a complete novice, my learning curve was rapid and progressive as I became to understand the council role, which is a statutory body, the only one in Arran working in tandem with North Ayrshire Council.

My perception of the Council received a massive shock, as the council were grossly underrated about what they stood for and acted on behalf of the island.

Due to my Island connections on the golf scene etc… at an early stage I was elected as the Council representative on the Ferry Committee. This was also a steep learning curve. The Island perception of the Ferry committee is strange, as this organisation, an independent elected body, do sterling work for the island and have achieved many goals with the Ferry company and Scottish transport.

Over the years I have served as Ferry representative, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Marine officer and Secretary, my latest role.

The nomination papers can be obtained as published in the Local ‘Banner’ on page 22 by North Ayrshire Council and the last sitting of the Arran Community Council for this session will be on September 21st, when the entire Arran Council members, will stand down. The new nominations for the 12 positions on the Arran Community Council must be completed by noon on the 27th September.

The council needs younger members to join, learn and participate in the Council voluntary work.

So, if you have any desire or interest in the future of this Island download the forms advertised and organise another local of the area you live in to propose and second your application. Should more than the required candidates be registered a local election will be organised.

Nomination papers can be obtained by telephoning 01294 324131 or contacting Melanie on

Jim Henderson

One of the Lamlash representatives on the council.
Lamlash could have 2 vacancies.

Featured image shows view of Arran from Ayr beach. Credit: Jason Dale