Take part in Climate Fringe Week

Climate Fringe Week is Scotland’s biggest call for action on climate change ahead of COP26, and will take place from 18-26 September 2021. With COP26 coming to Glasgow this November, this is a key time to bring about climate action amongst communities and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever.


Climate Fringe Week will be a celebration of action on climate change throughout local communities and organisations across Scotland from 18-26 September, taking place in-person and online. Events will highlight what people all over the country are doing to take action to tackle the climate crisis and protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved, too, ahead of COP26.

Ranging from art exhibitions to community stalls and panel discussions to beach clean-ups; activities will be hosted at the heart of the community by artists, authors, faith leaders, local community group representatives, and anyone who cares about taking climate action.

Organisers of the Climate Fringe Week, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, say –

During Climate Fringe Week we want to celebrate and support all the ways you can engage in climate activism; be that as part of an organisation, with your friends, family or wider community. With COP26 coming to Glasgow, this is a key time to bring about climate action and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever. Together we will show decision makers that people from all walks of life are stepping up to take action on climate change – and we need them to step up too.

There are lots of events taking place, so if you are not in Arran you might be able to find something else near you, as well as online talks and discussions – see here for details.

If you are in Arran, join Eco Savvy for their Climate Fringe event on Saturday 18th September


On Saturday 18th September Eco Savvy will be holding an event to mark Climate Fringe Week at the Ormidale Pavilion.

We are planning on coming together with lots of other Arran organisations to celebrate our environment and look at ways in which we can protect it and try to address climate change.

We will have a large event on Saturday 18th September, as well as a programme of events on throughout the week.



Details are still being worked on but a sneaky peek of some things on offer will be:

• cycling & ebike events
• led walks
• community garden tour
• learn about “blue carbon”
• food events
• get involved in a beach clean

Keep an eye on the Eco Savvy Facebook page for more details