Climate Fringe Festival launches

In the run up to COP26, during September, a Climate Fringe Festival became the focus for hundreds of climate based events which were being organised across Scotland. Mirroring Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe, an amazingly eclectic mix of events, performances and climate actions were promoted through the Climate Fringe website. The Climate Fringe Festival is happening again this September, and is being coordinated by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, a diverse coalition of over 60 non-profit organisations, with many further organisations supporting the festival itself.

The Climate Fringe Festival is a community-led and community-organised series of events taking place across the whole of Scotland, showcasing the diversity of the Scottish Climate Movement. It’s Scotland’s call for action on climate change, and will take place throughout September 2022.

Last year, over 200 events took place during Climate Fringe Week with thousands of people showing their support – both in their community and online – for urgent action on climate change. We want to make the Climate Fringe Festival even bigger, with a diverse range of events taking place across the whole of Scotland.

This year’s Climate Fringe Festival will be a fantastic opportunity to build momentum following COP26 in Glasgow. Together, we will show decision makers that the movement is stronger than ever and people from all walks of life are committed to take action on climate change.

The festival aims to bring communities together, generate conversation about Climate Justice, and raise awareness of the need to move towards a green, fair, zero carbon society.

A variety of groups across Scotland will take part in the Climate Fringe Festival. Over 50 events have already signed up, with more added each week. The full calendar can be found on the Climate Fringe website here.

The following are just a few of the events taking place, and if you’re in Arran, join the Nature Library at Arran Botanical Drinks, Cladach, for a weekend of stories on food, drink, sustainability, land use and more. (See the post in this issue for more details).

• The Highland Good food Partnership: Local and Sustainable Food Systems Workshops – The Shieling Project Dunmaglass Struy, Beauly – 24th September
“The workshops will focus on our food system and the impact it has on our climate, with demonstrations on lowering food waste, fermentation, community funding support and creating sustainable farming. We will discuss how the partnership can support individuals and organisations to create a local food system that is better for the planet, better for people and better for producers.” Josie Fraser, HGFP

• Magic Us! Aberdeen: Share and Repair Workshop – location tbc – 10th September

“We’re really excited to be running our first Share and Repair community repair shop and skills share. Our event will see local craftspeople and businesses in Aberdeen offering their help to repair items that have seen better days, as well as sharing these skills with our group gathering local autistic teens and their parents, carers and friends. We believe in the ‘right to repair’ and strive to mobilise our local community into a movement of ‘sharing and repairing.’”

• Queers for Climate Justice Gathering – Glasgow Autonomous Space – 17th September

Through a series of workshops and a communal meal – we will bring together queer identifying people in Glasgow who want to find out how they can take action on climate in their communities. Providing free accessible space to marginalised groups and those who need it, including lgbtqa++ people as well as refugees and migrants.” Tami Pein, Queer Climate Arts Glasgow

Nick Cullen, Climate Fringe Coordinator at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:
“Now more than ever, it’s so important that local communities are coming together to take action on climate change: with record breaking temperatures and the cost of living scandal, community resilience can help build towards a just and green world. We are really excited about the Climate Fringe Festival, showcasing the amazing communities and climate projects across Scotland. Together we can put pressure on decision makers to deliver real change almost a year on from COP26 in Glasgow.

Image credit: Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

This article is based on a press release from the Climate Fringe website