Arran Geopark Reading Group

The Arran Geopark is setting up a reading group. See below for more details:

Many of you will know that an application is being prepared for UNESCO accreditation for Arran’s Geopark. This will bring real benefits to Arran and will be an opportunity to highlight the great work that is being carried out by so many people across all sectors.

Climate Change is one element of the accreditation process. The Geopark needs to contribute to the understanding of climate change for both visitors and residents. Moreover, it will be important to highlight both current steps being taken towards mitigation and adaptation as well as the capacity for future projects.

A Reading Group is being formed to increase awareness of the ecology dimension to the UNESCO process. An initial catalyst for this could be the series of short books recently published by Penguin . This is an excellent selection of works by the best writers on ecology in the last 100 years. There are twenty books in the Series but they can be purchased individually. Of course, additional reading material can be suggested later.

Meetings would be by Zoom initially. To register your interest please contact John Page on