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Sent in by John Kinsman, operations manager at St Monans Coastwatch, east Fife. Featured image shows the newly appointed Coastguard Chaplain (see story below).

Missing person search

St Monans Coastwatch team were called in to action on Saturday 15th January to help in the search for a missing person. The team was paged by HM Coastguards just after 9.30am to assist three HM Coastguard teams to search the coastline, beaches and harbours from Leven to Fife Ness near Crail.

The mission person a 28 year old female, had been reported missing over a week before and despite searches nothing was found and it was decided to call in HM Coastguards.
Coastguard teams searched the coastal paths along the Fife coast from Leven to Fife checking all harbours

St Monans Coastwatch were requested to check St Monans harbour area, the stretch of rocky shoreline from the harbour to the village out-door swimming pool. And the coastal path from St Monans to Pittenweem. After the huge search there was no trace of the missing female.

St Monans Coastwatch team were operations manager John Kinsman and deputy manager Anne Kinsman, senior watch keeper John McLean, Karen Dodson, Bob McDonald, Beth McLean, Cameron MacDonald and two new recruits Cameron and May.
Operations manager John Kinsman said “It was a long hard search over very rough terrain in places. But that’s what we are trained to do.”

Anne Kinsman returning from search for the missing person

Coastguard Chaplain

A full time chaplain has been appointed for the Maritimes to and coastguard agency for the first time in in its 200 year old history to provide support for its frontline staff.

The Rev Tom Ebbens who has worked as a volunteer for the coastguards both in its operations centres as well a coastal officer has been appointed to the position following a pilot project. The 30 year old said that his role is to provide extra support to colleagues of any faith and none.

Mr Ebbens who is also a curate with the Church of England in Cornwall and will based at Falmouth said, “I see a major part of this job as being a companion on whatever road someone is currently on wherever it takes them. People have fears and concerns, worries and challenges, and sometimes they need someone to walk with them in those dark moments, to listen, to share the hurt and support them through that difficult time. People will often say things to a chaplain that they would not say to anyone else and that has got to be held somewhere, respected and acknowledged. Chaplaincy is a great thing for that to provide that service.”

Director of HM Coastguards Claire Hughes said, “This is a landmark appointment in terms of our service. Tom is going to bring another level of care alongside the welfare led support systems we already have in place such as trauma risk management.”

Actors are top cast

Actors and TV presenters Robson Green and Jim Murray preformed the ceremonial cast at the opening of the River Tay Salmon fishing season at Meikleour fishing and the Tay district salmon fisheries board, on Saturday 15th January. The event was limited to 36 anglers and a handful of estate and board representatives, due to Covid rules.
The actors made the first casts after popping a magnum of Champagne and Robson offered the traditional blessing of boats with whisky.


During the past month locals and visitors along the Fife coast between Leven and Crail have been watching tugs towing two large yellow towers up and down the Firth of Forth. The yellow towers are part of the underwater structures for the wind-farm which is being constructed off the Fife coast.
While the tugs tow the large yellow towers it’s causing some concern for local fishermen who have to keep some distance from the tugs. It’s hoped the tugs will leave the area shortly.