Seed Swaps with the Pioneer Project

It’s the first day of spring and we are holding a Seed Swap today in Brodick!

We’ll be at the Ormidale Pavilion today (1st March) and next Tuesday 8th March from 2pm to 4pm (tying in with Arran Eco Savvy’s weekly pop up hub), and at the Cordon Community garden tomorrow and next Wednesday 9th of March from 2pm to 4pm.

• Come on down to share some seeds and chat all things garden!

• Try any seeds from last year’s Pioneer Project spares to start at home for your community garden.

• Try some Dalefoot Composts seeding compost.

• Make any requests for this years seed order for seeds to try at your community garden (today only – you can also respond to this email with any requests).

We may continue on the same days throughout March depending on how successful these initial seed swaps are – please keep an eye on our social media and whatsapp groups.