Savvy Vintage

In this post, Zoe Hughes tells the Voice about the recent developments of the Savvy Vintage project. In March, Zoe and the Eco Savvy team held a really successful pop up Shop and Sip at Arran Botanicals (see photos below), and they have more events planned for the spring and summer months. Keep an eye out on the Eco Savvy Facebook page for details. 

This year Eco Savvy have gone up a gear with saving waste on Arran. March saw the launch of the Zero Waste Cafe, which runs weekly in either Lochranza or Shiskine hall. We also tested out our new vintage project: Savvy Vintage.

Savvy Vintage is a pop-up collection of treasures from the shop and from specific vintage donations from our supporters. We want to give people the flea market experience of rummaging through goodies that you just can’t get in shops. We want people to feel excited about these vintage items and, more than anything, we want people to stop buying new. The aim of Savvy Vintage is to showcase second hand in a new way. It’s all about finding the perfect centrepiece for the living room, some quirky cowboy boots to wear for a gin and tonic on the beach or finding a gift for your mum’s birthday. We just don’t need to buy new things anymore, there is so much already in circulation that if we focus on preloved goods we can ease some of the strain on our planet.

Our collection is constantly changing so every setup is different, but we have had everything from typewriters and retro suitcases to brand new designer kimonos. Every item is unique and has a story of its own.

This is true for some of our beautiful shop fittings too. Arran Repair Cafe creatively repurposed some custom display items for Savvy Vintage out of a damaged antique wardrobe. This wardrobe was stunning but it had some water damage so it was perfect for beginning its new life as part of Savvy Vintage.

The repurposed wardrobe by Arran Repair Cafe

The mirror stand now holds 90s trainers and ornate ballroom dance shoes, but it once was a wardrobe base. The doors of the wardrobe were made into a corner shelf and the old drawers now stand proud as a shelf.

We are always on the lookout for anyone interested in upcycling and reuse to volunteer with us to help us give our items a new lease of life. If this is you, then please drop in and ask for Zoë or email

Savvy Vintage will be popping up around the island when the weather is good and will also be at Eco Savvy’s EcoHub every month at the Ormidale Pavillion, Brodick. The next dates are:

-Tuesday 12th April
-Tuesday 17th May

More photos from the Shop and Sip Savvy Vintage event at Arran Botanicals at Cladach:


All photo credits Zoe Hughes