Whiting Bay Drama Club plays in June

The Whiting Bay Club of Drama and Music will be presenting three one act plays in June. By Patrick Scott.

The first play in the line-up is “Victoria Station”, a dramatic comedy by Harold Pinter, featuring a controller in a London cab office (played by David Simpkin) looking for a driver (Allan Nicol) to pick up a fare from Victoria Station.

The second play is “Sleuth School”, written and directed by Andy McNamara, and featuring James Mutch as Sherlock Holmes, Shannon Galbraith as Velma (from Scooby Doo), Andy McNamara as Hercule Poirot, Patrick Scott in various roles, Beverley Scott as Miss Marple, and Rhodri Herapath as Anne Barnard (from The Famous Five). These detectives are put through a test of their skills at a “Private Detective Quality Assurance Revalidation course”, with failure leading to a revocation of their licences.

The evening will conclude with “Anger Management”, a play written by Robert Scott and directed by David Simpkin. Dr Clarke (Patrick Scott) facilitates an anger management course for members to re-enact what caused them to feel their current state of anger. The characters include McGowan, a divorcee, played by Allan Nicol, Losh, played by Rhodri Herapath, who is deeply disillusioned by technology, Polston, a visually challenged and somewhat socially inept character, played by Beverley Scott, Knifton, played by Shannon Galbraith, who seems to have been forgotten by her peers, and the violent Ford, played by James Mutch.

The musical interludes are provided by Alice Maxwell, lighting by Andy McCallum, sound effects by Chris Attkins, and Gill Gregory is the prompt.

Performance dates are 7th and 14th of June at 8pm, with the doors opening at 7.30, in the Whiting Bay Hall.

Admission is £10 per person. The plays contain some strong language.

Seating is at tables, and people are welcome to bring along refreshments.