Paperboats COP28 Campaign

Paperboats is a collective of writers focussed on nature and environment in a time of climate and ecological breakdown. Next month they are gathering at the Scottish Parliament for their campaign 1000 Paperboats, 1000 Climate Hopes. Read on to find out more and how to get involved – 

Scottish Parliament Action

On Thursday 23rd November 2023, we will be gathering outside the Scottish Parliament to deliver 1000 Paperboats, 1000 Climate Hopes, to MSPs of all parties. Our message is this:

The climate emergency is not a political issue. MSPs of all parties must come together to support rapid and urgent action in the face of accelerating climate breakdown, or they will lose our votes.

Scotland Be Brave! Let’s stand firm in opposition to new oil and gas in the North Sea. Let’s exceed our climate targets and lead the world in a fair transition.

Since COP 26, few commitments have translated into meaningful action. There were more oil lobbyists at COP26 than delegates from any other single nation. COP 28 is due to be held in Abu Dhabi, at the heart of the oil economy.

The Scottish Government too, who promised to be a world leader on climate change, is not meeting its own climate targets. It needs to stand firm in opposition to new oil and gas developments in the North Sea and support a fair transition for Scottish oil workers.

Meanwhile, the climate and ecological emergency accelerates faster and more fiercely than our scientists predicted. Global leaders are failing to secure a liveable planet for our children, and the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people on the frontline of climate change suffer drought, crop failure, wild fires, floods and storms.

The Paperboats Campaign is our response to this.



Get Involved in Our Paperboats Campaign

We are calling on schools, libraries and community centres, to set up Paperboat Yards for collecting climate messages from the people of Scotland to deliver to MSPs at the Scottish Parliament on the 23rd November 2023. If your organisation would like to join in, get in touch at:, and we’ll send you a free digital toolkit.

How it works

Find a second-hand book or old magazine that symbolises something important to you.

Cut out the pages and fold them into paperboats. There are instructions and ‘how to’ videos online, but feel free to be creative.

Write a short note with your climate hopes for the future. Examples might include: No New Oil, More Green Jobs, A Fair Transition for Oil Workers, Better Sustainable Transport, Support Green Jobs, Fund Rewilding Projects, No New North Sea Oil and Gas. Tuck the notes into your paperboats.

Bring your paperboats along to our action at the Scottish Parliament and join us in adding your voice. If you can’t make it on the day, collect up as many paperboats as you can and get in touch. We have schools, libraries and community centres across Scotland taking part so we can let you know where to drop them off or send them.

We are aiming to fold a 1000 paperboats, with a 1000 climate hopes, to deliver to the Scottish Parliament on the 23rd November 2023, at the start of COP28 discussions.

For more information and for updates on the campaign see their website here

Happy Folding!