Hiroshima Memorial Event – Sunday 5th August Lamlash Green

Two Important Events with Arran CND Coming Up

Hiroshima Commemoration
Long standing Arran residents will know that there has been a tradition on the island of witnessing for peace on Hiroshima Day (6th August). There is a Peace Tree and plaque near the car park in Whiting Bay. A quiet reflection will take place at Lamlash green at 2pm on Sunday 5th August this year to be followed by refreshments in Lamlash Church Hall and a chance to hear about Nukewatch, the Peace and Justice Centre (Edinburgh) Origami Peace Cranes Project and ICAN (the international Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons who won last year’s Nobel Peace Prize for leading on the UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons).

Rally at Faslane on Saturday 22nd September
To support the UN Treaty Ban, ICAN and Scottish CND will be holding the biggest demo for a generation at the Faslane Trident Base. A bus will meet the 8.40 ferry from Arran returning for the 18.00 on the day. There are 30 seats left: tickets cost £10. Please contact John Page at johnpage1955@protonmail.com if you would like to arrange a place.