Eco Savvy begins the Coop Food Share in Brodick

After reporting about the national Coop Food Share initiative in the Voice recently, it is great to see that it is now up and running in both Lamlash and Brodick.

Volunteers in Lamlash collect food from the (Lamlash) Coop Monday to Friday and take it to the church vestry which is open between 10.30 and 2pm on weekdays. If anyone wants to get involved as a volunteer please contact Alice Maxwell. Otherwise please drop in to collect still fresh produce! It is open for all! There is fruit, vegetables, bread, pastries among other things everyday!

In Brodick Eco Savvy have started a weekly collection on a Thursday night and things are going well, as they shared in their recent newsletter:

We were recently approved as a Food Share partner with the Coop and as of last week (6th December), have started to collect surplus food as a part of the Coop’s new, national food redistribution program. This enables the Coops’ donation of good quality food directly to local community groups such as ourselves, who can then redistribute among anyone interested.
The Coop said: “As a part of running our busy shops, there’s usually some food that we aren’t able to sell to customers at the end of each day. This food can be offered for free to approved partners that can put it to good use feeding people in the community.”

We are starting small, with one collection day a week with a view to eventually expand once we have the volunteer power. From our little bit of experience so far, the amount of food that we have the opportunity to redistribute for use is significant.

How can you get involved
1. Come and collect food between 9-10pm on Thursdays at the Ormidale Pavilion, Brodick or it will have to go in the bin!
The scheme will be starting from Thursday 6th of December. We will post pictures and information on our newly formed Facebook forum (click the link below to join). We will post pictures and information on this forum before 9pm so you can see what is available and unnecessary journeys are not made. Please don’t hesitate to join the group and we will keep you posted!

We collect the food from the Coop at 8pm, and we will be sorting through it to make available for pick up from 9-10pm. We have to distribute on the day and at that time because the majority of what we are taking from the coop has the “use by” date of the day we collect.

2. Help support the scheme by Volunteering
The other way you can get involved is by volunteering to support us with pick ups and redistribution. If we have enough volunteers there is the potential for us to do this more than one day per week.

Below is a picture of the food collected last Thursday, so you can get an idea of some of the food that will be available, though it will vary with every collection. We can’t stress enough how beneficial this will be if this food ends up being used by households across Arran instead of going to landfill, so please don’t hesitate to pop in to collect.

Please Click here to look at the food available each Thursday night –  Eco Savvy Food Share Group

Only one box of food left on the first night of the Eco Savvy Coop Food Share!