Arran CND: the year ahead

A report from Arran’s CND group, by Cheryl Burgess

Arran CND has held its first meeting of the year at which there was enthusiastic planning of the year’s events. The centrepiece of the year will be the visit to Arran of the Scotland: a Peace of History exhibition celebrating sixty years of CND activism in Scotland. The exhibition will be coming at the beginning of June (more details later). Of course, we wish that we were not celebrating such a long campaign but we live in hope that the politicians who wield the power will come to their senses and take action to end the threat that these weapons pose.

Are you a past member of CND here on Arran?

We know that, in the 1980s and 1990s in particular, Arran had a large and active CND membership. Alongside the Peace of History exhibition we would like to include a section featuring photos, memorabilia, written and verbal memories and other information which past CND members still have about their activities over the years.

If you can help, or want more information about the exhibition, please contact Cheryl Burgess.

No pressure – but you might even feel inspired to get involved again. While this might not include coming to meetings it is useful to know that we can count on wider support for events we organize, such as the well-attended Hiroshima Day commemorations last August. The need to rally over this issue is as great, if not greater than ever…

Other local plans include holding events with guest speakers, stalls at Arran festivals, finding ways to ensure that young people know what is at stake for their future and the continuation of the successful nuclear disarmament reading group.

More widely, Scottish CND is developing and strengthening links as follows:

  • With Scottish academics on wider climate justice concerns.
  • The Scottish Greens.
  • Arms experts who are monitoring technological change which is undermining the effectiveness of submarine based nuclear missiles.

Keep reading future ‘Voice for Arran’ editions for further information.