Glasgow event to show solidarity with Chilean protestors

Putting people and planet first, from Chile to Glasgow

An event organised by Friends of the Earth, Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) and Glasgow Supports Chile

Sunday 1st December, 2-9pm
STUC, 333 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow

While political unrest and mass protests continue in Chile, the Chilean community in Glasgow is teaming up with trade unions and climate groups for a day of talks, food and film to show solidarity with the Chilean people.

The event on Sunday 1st December, ‘Putting people and planet first, from Chile to Glasgow’, is organised by grassroots group Glasgow Supports Chile, Friends of the Earth Scotland and the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC).

The groups came together after the UN climate talks, which were due to take place in Santiago in December, were cancelled by the Piñera government amidst mass street protests over deepening inequalities and injustice in the country. Campaigners claim this is an attempt to remove the international spotlight from the state repression and violence in response to the protests.

Anai Aude Valdivia from Glasgow Supports Chile, said:
“Massive protests have taken place throughout our country for over a month. This event on Sunday aims to bring attention to the current situation in Chile and support the demands for social, environmental and economic justice.

The UN climate talks, COP25, were supposed to be held in Chile at the beginning of December but were relocated to Madrid. Moving the location enables the international community to willfully ignore the repression from the Chilean government.

We ask people in Glasgow to attend the event and listen to our stories to allow us to not be ignored and get a deeper understanding of the current situation”

Caroline Rance, Friends of the Earth Scotland climate campaigner said,
“The social and political crisis unfolding in Chile cannot be isolated from the broader ecological and climate crises. The climate emergency and the protests in Chile both stem from profit being put before people and planet.

Sunday’s event is about linking these issues, learning from each other and, with Glasgow set to host the UN climate talks next year, coming together to demand a better system which puts people and planet first.”

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said,

““The Scottish Trades Union Congress has long stood in solidarity with the people of Chile in defence of democracy. From the workers at Rolls Royce who refused to build fighter planes for the military junta in the 1970s, it is heartening to once again see people in Scotland stand with the Chilean people in their fight for democracy and economic justice.

“With Scotland hosting the international UN climate change talks next year, this event will shine a light on the scandalous situation that the Chilean Government is being allowed to preside over this year’s talks, while, at the same time, moving them to Spain to divert attention from the fact its people are in open rebellion against it.”

See facebook for more information and Sunday’s schedule

Drop in from 2pm for talks, stalls and discussions on the situation in Chile, organising for the international climate negotiations coming to Glasgow and more.

Evening programme from 6pm includes Chilean food, music with Valentina and Voces del Sur, followed by a screening of Nae Pasaran.

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask waves a Mapuche indigenous flag during a protest against Chile’s government in Santiago, Chile October 31, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Romero