Prayers in Recipes


By Diana Dodd, May 2020

In tribute to our late father, Ted Dodd (died 1995) and mother, Edith Dodd (died 1967). My sister has been clearing out and found our father’s prayers as an Elder for the Church of Scotland written between 1968 and 1973, inside a 1950s Cookery Book and Home Baking Guide, belonging to our mother. She’d never looked inside before. She shared them with me. As our mum and dad were a very complementary couple, who deeply loved one another – I thought that bits of the recipe book and sections of my dad’s prayers were also quite complementary. And historically interesting.

(Found at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic when there wiz nae flour in the shops).

Price Sixpence: Published by the SCWS Flour Department, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leith and Aberdeen

Be with all who are in the evening of their lives, comfort them and give them peace.

Six years of war, with its hardships and shortages, taught thousands of our womenfolk to rediscover the art of home baking…

We would remember before thee o God all who are sad in heart at the loss of a loved One and all who are depressed or mentally ill

Lofty Peak is made at Junction Mills, situated on a bend on the Water of Leith, less than a mile from the Port, which stands on the Firth of Forth.

We pray for the Ministers of our Government and all who exercise the responsibility of leadership amongst us. Grant unto them wisdom and right judgement, courage and patience…

Leith is the natural outlet for the vast and world-famous agricultural produce of the Lothians, as is illustrated by its many mills and grain warehouses.

We pray especially for those in our city’s transport department and town council that thou will give them guidance to come to a rightful and speedy solution to their disagreements.

Here then in a model factory, equipped with every modern device to secure perfection, staffed with happy and immaculately-garbed girls, this softest of silk-sifted flour is packed.

Give penitence for our divisions, wisdom to know thy truth, courage to do thy will, love to break down barriers of prejudice and an unswerving loyalty to thy holy name.

Coffee Buns: Regulo 6. 400*

I lb SR Flour, 1/2 lb fat, 6 oz sugar, 4 tsp coffee, 2 oz currants, 1 egg

Teach us to sacrifice our comforts to others. Make us kindly in thought, gentle in word and generous in deed.

Baking hint:- Make up your mind exactly what you are going to bake.