Marine News

Sent in by John Kinsman, operations manager at Coastwatch St Monans, east Fife.

Boat sinks

Coastwatch St Monans were paged by HM Coastguards during the recent storm Otto to reports of a small boat sinking in Elie harbour. The St Monans team quickly assembled and raced to the scene and on arrival they discovered a small dinghy had been blown over the harbour wall by the gale force 9 wind.

The team quickly checked the water for anyone who may have fallen in trying to retrieve the dinghy. After a search it was found no one was in the water or near the dinghy. As it was too dangerous to remove the sunken dinghy the team managed to contact the owner.

The team reported to coastguards that the dinghy was secured and the team returned to their station. The team who braved the storm were operations manager John Kinsman, deputy manager Anne kinsman, John McLean, Karen Dobson, Bob MacDonald, Sue Johnston, Beth McLean and Cameron McDonald. And new member Babette Hnup. Well done all in terrible conditions.


HM coastguards were notified by a family who became trapped by rising tide on an island in the Firth of Forth. The family had gone to the island named Crammond island by crossing from the mainland by a causeway for a trip and picnic.

But after spending sometime on the island the family of three adults and two young children discovered the tide had come in and surrounded the island. The family contacted the coastguards by mobile phone who called out south Queensferry lifeboat and two coastguard rescue teams.

The lifeboat raced to the scene and discovered the family completely cut off by the rising tide. The lifeboat crew took the family on board their lifeboat and took them Hawes pier where they were met by coastguard teams. All landed safely with injury.

In another drama in the Firth of Forth a member of the public reported to coastguards that a person was in the water after falling from a paddle boarders off Pettycur bay near Kinghorn.

Coastguards called out the local lifeboat which raced to the scene and after a short search located the paddle boarder in the water.
The paddle boarder was taken aboard the lifeboat and the crew then retrieved the paddle board. The crew returned to the lifeboat station where the paddle boarder was check out by ambulance crew.

New recruit

Coastwatch St Monans has a new member who joined the team recently. The new watch keeper is Babette Hnup. Babette will now under go watch and rescue training. She attended her first call out recently. Babette said she was privileged to be a member of Coastwatch St Monans. Coastwatch St Monans operations manager John kinsman said Babette will be great asset to the team and it brings the team to full strength .

Sea Queen Day

The annual St Monans sea queen day takes place after a break of two years due to Covid 19 restrictions. The village sea queen has taken place ever summer since before the Second World War. This year’s event will take place on Saturday July 15th on the Mair near the village harbour from 10.30am til 4pm

The 2023 village sea queen will be chosen from the pupils at Waid Academy and her three attendants chosen from local primary school. During the days event there will stalls, music, games, displays and much more. Coastwatch St Monans will have a recruiting stall and will also provide safety around the harbour area for the day.

The patron of Coastwatch St Monans Mr Chris Chittle who plays Eric pollard in Emerdale will also attend the event at request of Coastwatch St Monans.

Photo shows the sunken dinghy in Elie harbour during storm Otto. Credit John Kinsman