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Sent in by John Kinsman, operations manager Coastwatch St Monans. Featured image shows cliffs at Arbroath – see story below.

Female rescued

Coastwatch St Monans team were paged by HM Coastguards on Sunday February 20th at around 3pm to an incident on the coastal path near Ardross farm St Monans. Coastguards informed Coastwatch St Monans that they had received 999 calls that a female had fallen from the coastal path on to the beach.

Coastwatch St Monans assembled and made their way to the scene on long with three coastguard rescue teams and an ambulance.
When on scene it was discovered the casualty a 53 year old female had fallen about 15 feet on to the beach and landed near the water’s edge.

The emergency services on their way to the scene of the accident

Due to the serious injuries sustained two ambulance service support teams were sent to the scene. The coastguard incident officer then requested lifeboat assistance and two lifeboats were sent to the incident.

After giving the female faller first aid treatment for serious fractures it was decided it was too dangerous to carry the her so distance to the main road because of the muddy conditions it was decided to convey the injured female to St Monans harbour by lifeboat accompanied by ambulance paramedics.

On arriving St Monans harbour the injured female was handed over to ambulance paramedics and convert to hospital. The rescue took about two hours to complete. Coastwatch St Monans operations manager John Kinsman said it was a difficult rescue but all emergency services worked well together.

Coastwatch St Monans team who attended were operation manager john kinsman, deputy manager Anne Kinsman, 2nd deputy manager john McLean, and Bob McDonald, Beth McLean, Cameron McDonald, Karen Dobson.

Rescue equipment

A dramatic life-saving rescue in the Firth of Forth has sparked a Fife community into action to ensure tragedy does not strike next time around. Emergency services and locals in Dalgety Bay were hailed as heroes when they rescued a teenage girl who got into difficulties in the water near harbour place on the evening of July 20th 2021.

Thankfully the girl was brought back to shore after a multi-agency operation which involved HM Coastguards search and rescue teams and lifeboats and a rescue helicopter from Prestwick, and she went on to make a full recovery. However the near miss law led to Dalgety Bay community council canvassing opinion on where they could place life-saving equipment.

Sean McLanghan from the community council said, “This event has promoted us to consider the provision of life saving equipment. ”
Six possible sites have identified and funding for the life preserver posts has been secured his local businesses and fund raising.

Planning permission now has to be applied for, and the community council as written to all residents in the area asking for their input. If the necessary permissions are granted the life preserver should be in site ahead of the 2022 summer months.

Finger tip from death

An injured man who was a fingertips grip away from certain death sparked a major emergency response after being rescued from high cliffs at Arbroath. Emergency response units rushed to the scene in Arbroath after a man fell from cliffs.

Three coastguard teams, two lifeboats crews, a coastguard rescue helicopter, police and paramedics responded to the emergency.
The man was on a walk when he fell 10 metres from the cliff top. His companion called 999 while the man clung to the cliff face and was slowly slipping. Police Scotland received a call that a man was stuck on cliffs.

A few minutes later HM Coastguards received the alarm. A spokesperson said three coastguard rescue team were dispatched. Arriving on scene the rescue teams found the man had fast become in a dangerous position and had been holding on for nearly two hours in dark cold and windy conditions and the man was struggling to keep his grip on the cliff.

The coastguard helicopter rescue 151 was called to the incident but teams were worried the down draft from the aircraft would be too much for the man. In the end the helicopter was deemed too dangerous as it could dislodge the man from his dangerous position.

Instead coastguard teams set up a technical rope rescue over the cliff edge. The coastguard teams committed a rescuer over the cliff edge and successfully secured the man and extracted them both to safe ground at top of cliff. The man was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A senior coastguard operations officer said it was a close call, the man was struggling to hold on, and it was long way to fall. The team knew they had to get to him quickly. It was a tough rope rescue in darkness on a steep and crumbling cliff. Well done to all those in involved in the rescue.


Coastwatch St Monans were busy during the recent storm that hit the Fife coast. Volunteers were on duty in their lookout station keeping watch on all shipping in their 12 mile patch between Pittenweem and lower largo. The team also did foot patrols along the coastal paths and harbour making sure people were safe and checking on the elderly people.

During a power failure lasting over 12 hours the team were out and about checking residents in their area were safe and also checking for fallen trees and debris and any flooding. The team worked with a break for more than 12 hours ensuring people were safe and boats in harbour were secure.

Coastwatch St Monans operations manager John Kinsman said the team who are all volunteers worked in terrible conditions and he was very proud of them. The team were operations manager john kinsman and deputy manager Anne Kinsman, 2nd deputy manager john McLean, Karen Dobson, Beth McLean Bob McDonald, Cameron McDonald, Kevin McBain and two new recruits.
Well done to all.

Recent storms at St Monans