The 52 Stitched Stories exhibition opens in September

The 52 Stitched Stories exhibition is opening at the Barony Art Centre in West Kilbride on 3rd September

Fiona Doubleday, Arran resident and creator of the 52 Stitched Stories project, tells us more about the exhibition below. For information on this very vibrant and international project see their Facebook page and website

We are looking forward to our first exhibition for the project beginning 3rd September at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride. For those that don’t know the centre, it is a converted church and it is spellbinding beautiful. We are the first exhibition as they reopen the gallery space. It also has a wonderful cafe and shop. If you are ever in the area do pop in. West Kilbride is a designated craft town and affords a number of artists studio spaces that run, like a perfect creative ribbon, through the town. It is a joyful place and, although I am across the water, it feels like home to me. For many people exhibiting there in September this will be their first time exhibiting in a gallery and I am so excited for them.

I am extremely passionate about community arts as there is always so much talent involved. In this project there has not only been talent but a huge beating heart reminding us daily why creativity is so important. For many of us it has seen us through lockdown and that is some ask. People ask me all the time ‘what next for 52 Stitched Stories?’ I only ever know part of the answer as so much has been driven by the members. What I do know is that it will continue for as long as I feel it has a place and some value. There will always be opportunity for people to join and start their postcard journey. Lockdown gave many of us more time so the project expanded to offer more.

52 Stitched Stories began life on a wee Scottish island and quickly jumped the water to West Kilbride. The aim is to create a postcard size piece of stitched work every week for as many as possible over a 52 week period. We use the term Stitched very loosely to include things like weaving and felting. Whenever you start is week one. Everyone is welcome to join from any location and it is completely free. If you would like to get together with some friends to give it a go we can support your new group but if you just want to join on your own that is absolutely fine as well.