News from the 52 Stitched Stories project

By Fiona Doubleday

As one year closes some of our members have spent an entire year stitching wee postcard size pieces of art. Other members are just getting underway. 52 Stitched Stories is now in 24 countries around the world with hundreds of people stitching and sharing. It is a wonderfully life affirming project and new members are welcome any time. The stitched pieces reflect people’s personal narratives through 52 weeks and any gaps just become part of that narrative. 2020 is to be a big year for the project as some members move to exhibition. In March the Arran and West Kilbride group join to exhibit at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride. In May and June the Arran group will be exhibiting in Brodick Castle and then again in the library in the autumn. There are other possibilities in the pipeline so keep an eye on our website.

I am giving a micro talk at the Barony in March tracking the development of the project, and a fellow stitcher and I are off round Scotland in a campervan to visit some of the many groups. This project is more than about stitching. For some people it has been a chance to reconnect with a long lost hobby. For others it has been a chance to meet new people and feel part of something bigger than themselves. For all the varied reasons, mutual respect and support binds us all together and I consider it an honour to coordinate this global group of creatives. If you would like to join just message me anytime on On Arran we will continue to meet monthly at The Shore café in Whiting Bay.

Warmest wishes for a fabulous 2020.

Fiona Doubleday
Coordinator, 52 Stitched Stories

Some examples of the work of group members –