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Marine News


Salmon season gloom due to lockdown

The pandemic has cast it’s shadow over the opening of the salmon angling season on the RiverTay on January 15th.
Due to lockdown rules few anglers were on the river hoping to catch the most prized fishing the season.

Many of the beats were not open and those which did only allowed two anglers fishing from the bank and not in boats.
As a result the famous Redford Cup awarded to the angler who catches the heaviest salmon from the river was not presented this year. George McInnes of the Tay Ghillies association who was one of the founders of the Redford Cup said, “Because the lockdown is denying scores of anglers the opportunity of winning the cup it is regretfully felt it would be unfair to award this year”.

Rowing boat rescue

A rescue took place off the East Neuk village of Cellerdyke after a reports were received of a small rowing boat with two persons on board having difficulty entering the village small harbour in rough seas Coastguard control centre alerted Anstruther lifeboat. The stations all weather lifeboat and inshore boats were launched and raced to the scene .

On arrival on scene the lifeboats located the rowing boat and escorted in the safety of Cellerdyke harbour where they were met by a coastguard team from St Andrews. Coastwatch St Monans were also alerted but were stood down when no further assistance was required.

On duty during lockdown

During the recent Covid 19 lockdown Coastwatch St Monans team have been on duty everyday as usual providing safety at sea and on cliffs, harbours, beaches, coastal paths. Coastwatch volunteers like all emergency service personal are classed as key workers and have letters from HM Government.

During the last month all coastwatch stations have been busy dealing with various incidents. During this present pandemic all coastwatch stations like St Monans will continue to provide 24\7 cover to back up other emergency service including HM Coastguards. This year Coastwatch St Monans celebrate their 10th anniversary of coastwatch work on the 12 mile coastline in the East Neuk of Fife from Pittenween to Largo Bay.

Picture shows Coastwatch St Monans deputy manager ANNE KINSMAN taking part in a search for a missing person on local coastal path.

Featured image shows scene on coastal path at St Monans with Coastwatch St Monans station, lookout in foreground.