Marine News

Sent in by John Kinsman, station manager at Coastwatch St Monans, east Fife.

Face visors and face masks
Coastwatch St Monans station received a donation of seven face visors and face masks from a local lady who made them for the NHS, local chemist shops and other volunteer organisations. Coastwatch St Monans operations manager John Kinsman said the donation of face visors and masks will help to protect his team while on duty or on a call out from the coronavirus. Each team member has now been issued with the visors and masks thanks to the generosity of this local lady.

The picture shows operations manager John Kinsman wearing the protective equipment.

P&O Ferries anchored in Forth
Ferries which normally carry passengers across the English Channel have come to the Firth of Forth while out of service. MS Pride of Canterbury and MS Pride of Bruges has moored in the port of Leith.
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines brought four of its vessels Black Watch, Braemar, Balmoral and Boudicca into the Firth to anchor last month. Several crew members of Black Watch were struck down by a Covid 19 outbreak while at anchor but all are said to have recovered.
A spokesman for Forth Ports Authority said, “Firth Ports has been providing a safe haven for a number of vessels during the lockdown, for example the four Fred Olsen vessels that are currently anchored in the Forth estuary. We are expecting more vessels shortly.”

Warning after Tombstoning
Emergency services raced to rescue a tombstoning teenager stuck at the base of Arbroath cliffs. (Tombstoning is the act of jumping in a vertical posture into water from a high platform). Both of the town’s lifeboats were launched to rescue the boy who had become trapped. A small group of teenagers had been tombstoning near Horseshoe cave when one found himself stuck clinging onto rocks with a fast incoming tide. The lifeboat crew took to social media to urge people to stay at home during the lockdown, to protect themselves and the emergency volunteers.

The teenager was rescued by the coastguard after friends and a passer-by alerted the emergency services. The lifeboat crew removed the boy from the cliffs and took him back to harbour where he was checked over by paramedics. The coastguard crew also warned of the dangers of tombstoning. Submerged items in the water may not be visible and could cause serious injury or paralysis if hit. Coastguards urge members of the public to continue following government advice during the present pandemic to ensure the safety of themselves and the volunteer coastguard, lifeboat and coastwatch crews.

Featured image shows one of the P&O ferries recently moored at the port of Leith.