Scottish CND events in Arran and Faslane

On the International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Scottish CND are organising Disarm for Our Planet’ – a marine-themed die-in at Faslane, to draw attention to the links between nuclear weapons, environmental damage and the climate crisis. A solidarity event is taking place in Arran on the same day –




Sunday 26th September at 2pm

In the run up to COP26 in Glasgow, there will be a local Arran gathering in solidarity with the protest at the Faslane Trident Base against the decision by the UK Government to invest in a bigger stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction here on the Clyde when the world is facing a climate catastrophe. All welcome. The peace tree in Whiting Bay is located to the left of the car park opposite MBS.

A gathering to mark Hiroshima Day 2019 at the Peace Tree in Whiting Bay

And if you are able to travel to Faslane, the details from Scottish CND are as follows:

What are we doing?

The North Gate at Faslane will be the site of a die-in at 3pm on Sunday 26 September, to call on the Government to “Disarm for Our Planet” ahead of COP26.

What’s the theme and the message?

The die-in will be marine / wildlife themed, drawing attention to the environmental cost of nuclear weapons. Come dressed as a sea creature of your choosing, and/or bring posters and banners to share the message!

You might want to include messages such as:
• Disarm for Our Planet!
• War is Not Green (Or Blue)
• Nuclear Disarmament is Climate Justice
• Blue Whales Not Bombs

Why does it matter?

Conflict and militarism are among the biggest contributors to climate change.
Any nuclear conflict would cause climate catastrophe overnight: changing weather patterns, plunging billions into famine, and devastating the Earth’s ecosystems. No climate justice is possible until all nuclear weapons are disarmed.

But the catastrophe isn’t just waiting to happen sometime in the future. The military is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, in the UK and in other countries. Government promises on climate change – for whatever they’re worth – barely even acknowledge the military problem.

And every stage in the lifecycle of nuclear weapons, from mining uranium for warheads, to the impossibility of safely disposing of nuclear waste, is seriously damaging to humankind, to our natural world and to the survival of our planet as a whole – and that’s before we account for the impact of accidents, nuclear ‘tests’ and attacks. We are already paying an enormous and unacceptable price – which, once more, falls largely on the shoulders of the world’s poorest and most disenfranchised communities. It’s time for change.

This action takes place during Climate Fringe week, and is part of our ongoing campaign drawing attention to the links between climate change and militarism ahead of COP26. For more information and resources, please visit our COP26 and Peace site here

Similar protests will be taking place across the UK and in Europe. Find out more about UK-based actions via CND UK