The Savvy Film Club – next screening 5th May

Eco Savvy invites folks on Arran (and further afield) to join them every Tuesday night for the Savvy Film Club which offers free online film screenings to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own sofa!

The film club has been running for 6 weeks now and has shown a variety of films ranging from an insightful look at how cycling has shaped life and society in the Netherlands (where they have the “happiest” children in the world), to a high octane mountain sports film asking how we can experience travel and nature in a way that considers the environment, to last Tuesday’s shocking documentary about fashion’s effects on the world’s rivers (you’ll never look at a pair of jeans in the same way again!).

After the film viewers are invited to join an optional discussion online to chat about their thoughts on the film. There has been some lively debate, some shared frustrations and some constructive discussions about how issues might be relevant to Arran.

Next Tuesday’s (5th May) film will be the second food themed screening, following the last one which interviewed some of the world’s finest chefs and took an inspirational look at transforming food waste into delicious dishes.

If you would like to join Eco Savvy online for the next film please email – you will be sent simple instructions on how to watch the film for free. For any other film club queries or if you have any film suggestions please email

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