The new ArranOnline app is launched

Arran Online re-launches with a free app for islanders and visitors

Arran is about to be online as never before. A new website and App have been built and populated with local businesses, including places to stay, eat and drink, things to see and do — even showing the location of all the island’s bus stops and post boxes!

Island residents can access local trades, while visitors can book their accommodation directly with local hotels and B&Bs, saving those businesses OTA commission. To fill empty rooms, accommodation providers can advertise late availability daily. comes with a free companion App, available to download from the Apple and Google App stores, that anyone can use to access local information, including both walking and driving routes to any selected point of interest. The App and website share the same login details, meaning you can easily set bookmarks on one device and access them on another.

Through the website, local businesses can add and amend their own listings, under as many categories as they wish, providing links to their own websites and social media platforms and publishing their opening hours, prices and so on. An alert can reach all users if, for example, a road is closed or some other incident arises.

And all this is entirely free of charge to Arran businesses and visitors alike, thanks to the generosity of Peroosh, the innovative web platform that already hosts several island websites, such as the Arran Ferry Action Group, Heather Lodge and several accommodation providers. Peroosh business partners Graeme Attkins and Colin Abercrombie have devoted much of their time throughout lockdown to developing this new platform for the island. “We’re using Arran as a pilot project, with a view to offering similar sites to other communities around the world in the near future,” says Graeme, who has been closely involved with a variety of Arran-based projects for over twenty years.

You may remember that the island had its very own community portal fifteen years ago, predating Facebook! This early version of proved popular with island residents, but was not readily accessible to visitors since it also predated smartphones. The new App takes full advantage of GPS and mobile data, literally to put Arran on the map.

Download the ArranOnline App from Google or Apple’s App Store or visit the website at