The AOS Biscuit Tin Iniaitive

Following the success of last year’s Biscuit Tin Initiative, Arran Open Studios, (AOS), is again this year distributing biscuit tins across the island.

For those new to the idea, the biscuit tins, kindly donated by Patersons of Arran, will be filled with pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, blank postcards. These will be put in places where people are relaxing/drinking tea, coffee. The idea is that during this time you might feel moved to make a sketch of what you see, pen a poem or share a thought, a meditation of how you feel there and then.

The artwork, in whatever form it manifests itself, does not have to be about Arran ( though it can be if you want! ) it’s more about you, the person who has taken the time to write or draw.

Last year’s Biscuit Tin Initiative collectively drew hundreds of efforts, all of which were appreciated and the majority of which went to produce an exhibition in the library. This year, Arran Active has kindly agreed to give AOS organisers the venue for the exhibition which will take place around the week beginning 20th August, the week after the Arran Open Studios long weekend 10th- 13th August.

Last year several postcards came from the mainland addressed ( for instance),“ the Biscuit Tin, PHT, Lamlash, Arran”. As a response to this organisers are sending some ten Paterson tins to venues on the mainland to garner wider participation and of course spread the news to the mainland of this year’s bumper event featuring 40 Arran studios. The Rozelle, The Glasgow Printmakers Workshop, The Harbour Arts Centre are only three on the expanding list. Organisers urge you to take part and if you have the time, to visit as many studios as possible to support the local talent.

More information can be found on or by finding an AOS brochure.